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The Ins & Outs of the Vail Valley

Located in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks, East Vail is the narrowest part of the Val Valley and lies at the foot of Vail Pass. Locals and frequent guests appreciate this unique location within the Vail Valley for it’s unspoiled neighborhood feel. Lined on both sides by tall pines and the White River National Forest this destination’s natural features include the Gore Creek that runs through the property as well as ice or waterfalls that can be viewed from the Club House.

East Vail is a starting point for several mountain hikes and provides easy access to biking along Vail Pass. This quiet community offers a respite to anyone who calls it home – even if just for a short time.

The small convenience store (Sims) and Blu’s Restaurant & Bar located within the Vail Racquet Club keep life at the eastern end of the valley quite comfortable as a true Colorado Experience.

There is always something happening in Vail…