Custom Massage Services

Each Client is unique, and we customize our sessions for your needs. Massage is suited to relax the mind, calm nerves and sooth fatigued muscles. Massage can also increase range of motion, flexibility and decrease anxiety. Below you will find a list of our services and a little about how they work, to help you decide which service is right for you.

Massage guests are welcome to come early or stay after their session to enjoy all the amenities the Vail Racquet Club offers.

Custom massage (Swedish, Prenatal, Deep pressure)

This massage is suited to relax the body and help calm over sensitive nerves and fatigued muscles. Good for rejuvenating on vacation or after a strenuous day on the mountain. The therapist will administer a full body massage with a little more focus on problem areas or you can choose to focus on the problem for the full time.

50 min   $100    –     75 min   $145     –    100 min $180

  1. Swedish Massage Is relaxing and soothing to the nerves. The pressure range is light to medium. Ideally this massage is soothing, relaxing and will help move fluids through the body and reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  2. Prenatal Is for expecting mothers, the pressure ranges from light to medium, to sooth away each trimester’s unique symptoms, while the baby develops. Clients are asked to lie on their side while being cradled by pillows for support and comfort. The therapist will address any specific areas mentioned by the client. Working longer on problem or chronic areas to ensure the issue is addressed thoroughly, while still providing a full body massage. (Side Lying position is also good for clients who cannot be on their back or tummy).
  3. Deep Pressure Is purposeful. The pressure range is from medium to deep and will push into the painful side of massage, as the therapist works though minor adhesions between muscle layers or muscle groups. The massage should not push your pain limits like a Sports Massage, or Trigger Point session would do. Deep Pressure allows for a full body session and should still be soothing and mostly relaxing with you noticing twinges of pain as problem areas are worked out.
Enhanced Custom Massage (Hot Stone, Sports Massage, CBD Infused Massage)

This Massage is suited to enhance your relaxation. Each service offers a way to provide deeper relaxation and soothing to fatigued muscles. Hot Stone Soothes Muscles open with Heat, CBD infused oil eases muscle fatigue and reduces inflammation for a longer lasting effect. While Sports massage incorporates stretches for muscles used repetitively by the sports and activities we love to do.

75   Min $180    –     100 Min $210       

  1. Hot Stone massage – The heated stones help ground the client’s energy reconnecting clients to the earth while soothing fatigued muscles with warmth. Stones may be used the entire time during a relaxation massage or to sooth fatigue muscles after a deep tissue session. Both stone techniques provide the client with healing warmth and relaxation into the deeper muscle layers.
  2. Sports Massage – This Massage is suited for clients looking to gain relief from sports related soreness or chronic muscle pain. The pressure range is from medium to extreme, pushing the client’s pain threshold to “Hurts so good” type of pain. (On a pain scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being too intense, we should not go above a 6.5/7 on your pain scale!) It is not uncommon for a client to need to focus on breathing deeply as adhesions between muscle layers and muscle groups are reduced. Communication between Client and therapist is encouraged so pressure can be reduced as needed; after all it is still a massage. In addition to a deeper pressure and specific technique; passive stretches are incorporated into the massage time. The benefit of this type of massage is to increase range of motion, improve muscle flexibility and enhance sports performance.
  3. CBD Massage – Is a regular massage performed using CBD infused oil. The pressure can range from light to Deep Tissue (Sports massage) and a full body massage can be performed including focus on problem areas. CBD oil best helps with the aches of fatigued muscles and tendons, minimizing the soreness felt after a long/hard work out or from Arthritic type pain. When combined with massage the body can relax deeper and rebound from fatigue and inflammation quicker.

Often people are concerned that they will experience the effects of THC or Marijuana while using CBD products. CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa L plant species. Whereas the commonly known THC cannabinoid from this plant is psychoactive, CBD is not, meaning there is no “HIGH” sensation while using CBD. CBD is usually harvested from HEMP plants because Marijuana plants have low CBD counts. Applying CBD to the skin allows the body the benefit of pain relief and reduction of inflammation.

In the early 1990’s Scientists discovered a system of receptors and naturally occurring molecules in the human body that mimic the molecular shape of the plant cannabinoids and proceeded to name it the endocannabinoid system.  They believe this system is responsible, in all our other systems, for maintaining and returning the body to a balanced state known as homeostasis. CBD works to stimulate our endocannabinoid system within our various body-systems to return biological harmony and balance when our systems have gone all wacky.

Benefits of a CBD massage include:

  •                Reduced post-workout soreness and muscle fatigue
  •                Decreased back, shoulder and neck pain
  •                Assists with arthritis pain and joint inflammation
  •                Reduces Inflammation due to strain or injury
  •                Helps sore feet, plantar fasciitis, or bunions
  •                Decreases discomfort associated with peripheral neuropathy
  •                Helps with fibromyalgia pain
  •                Addresses skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and mosquito bites.

We continue to sanitize the massage rooms after every use and have hepa air purifiers running during your services.

All Massages need to be scheduled in advance by calling or stopping by the Front Desk:  970-476-4840.